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Memory like a...whatchamacallit (thing with holes)?

Feb. 15th, 2005 06:35 pm chuckles...

hp_hardcore presents Hardcore Valentines! Click here to get your own!

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Dec. 30th, 2004 01:30 pm $h@/<3$P3@r

+0 b3, 0r n0+ +0 b3--+h@+ i$ +h3 qu3$+i0N:
\/\/h3+h3r '+i$ n0b13r iN +h3 miNd +0 $uPh3r
+h3 $1iNgz @Nd @rr0\/\/z 0f 0u+r@g30u$ ph0r+uN3
0r +0 +@/<3 @rMz @g@iN$+ @ $3@ 0f +r0ub13$
@Nd by 0Pp0$iNg 3Nd +h3M. +0 di3, +0 $133P--
n0 m0r3--@Nd by @ $133P +0 $@y \/\/3 3Nd
+h3 h3@r+@ch3, @Nd +h3 +h0u$@Nd n@+ur@1 $h0x0rz
+h@+ ph13$h i$ h3ir +0. '+i$ @ c0N$uMm@+i0N
d3v0u+1y +0 b3 \/\/i$h3d. +0 di3, +0 $133P--
+0 $133P--P3rch@Nc3 +0 dr3@M: @y, +h3r3z +h3 rub,
ph0r iN +h@+ $133P 0f d3@+h \/\/h@+ dr3@Mz m@y c0M3
\/\/h3N \/\/3 h@v3 $huPh13d 0Ph +hi$ m0r+@1 c0i1,
mu$+ giv3 u$ p@u$3. +h3r3z +h3 r3$P3c+
+h@+ m@/<3$ c@1@Mi+y 0f $0 10Ng 1iPh3.
ph0r \/\/h0 \/\/0u1d b3@r +h3 \/\/hiPz @Nd $c0rNz 0f +iM3,
+h' 0Ppr3$$0rz \/\/r0Ng, +h3 pr0ud m@Nz c0N+uM31y
+h3 p@Ngz 0f d3$Pi$3d 10v3, +h3 1@\/\/z d31@y,
+h3 iN$013Nc3 0f 0Phic3, @Nd +h3 $PurNz
+h@+ p@+i3N+ m3ri+ 0f +h' uN\/\/0r+hy +@/<3$,
\/\/h3N h3 hiM$31Ph mi+3 hi$ qui3+u$ m@/<3
\/\/i+h @ b@r3 b0d/<iN? \/\/h0 \/\/0u1d ph@rd31$ b3@r, +0 gruN+ @Nd $\/\/3@+ uNd3r @ \/\/3@ry 1iPh3, bu+ +h@+ +h3 dr3@d 0f $0M3+hiNg @Ph+3r d3@+h, +h3 uNdi$c0v3r3d c0uN+ry, phr0M \/\/h0$3 b0urN n0 +r@v3113r r3+urNz, puzz13$ +h3 \/\/i11, @Nd m@/<3$ u$ r@+h3r b3@r +h0$3 i11$ \/\/3 h@v3 +h@N ph1y +0 0+h3rz +h@+ \/\/3 /<N0\/\/ n0+ 0f? +hu$ c0N$ci3Nc3 d03$ m@/<3 c0\/\/@rdz 0f u$ @11, @Nd +hu$ +h3 n@+iv3 hu3 0f r3$01u+i0N i$ $ix0r1i3d 0'3r \/\/i+h +h3 p@13 c@$+ 0f +h0ugh+, @Nd 3N+3rPri$3 0f gr3@+ pi+ch @Nd m0M3N+ \/\/i+h +hi$ r3g@rd +h3ir curr3N+z +urN @\/\/ry @Nd 10$3 +h3 n@M3 0f @c+i0N. -- $0Ph+ j00 n0\/\/, +h3 ph@ir 0f31i@! -- nyMf, iN +hy 0ri$0Nz b3 @11 my $iNz r3M3Mb3r3d.

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Dec. 13th, 2004 04:41 pm USB

so, have been persuaded we need the desktop back in action tonight. I have been putting it off.

What happened was the Windows partition filled up and Mandrake Linux is almost never used (except by me to play) and so I decided to delete the latter and expand the former. I have Partition Commander and thought it'd be no big deal. What I got left with was an uninstalled Mandrake Linux and a boot manager that would not recognise W2K. Partition Commander meanwhile requires direct disk access which W2K won't allow it and I don't have a W95/98 boot disk.

I can boot with a Knoppix live disk and do my stuff, but was having problems making it recognise my USB connected compact flash drive. I can now mount it and make it rewritable but it sometimes sees the whole capacity and sometime doesn't. I'm mounting/umounting/remounting like crazy to shift picture files across. As soon as I get this stuff over to my work laptop, I'm burning it to CD so this never happens again.

Current Mood: frustratedfrustrated

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Nov. 3rd, 2004 08:55 am US Elections

Who gives a rats ass? OK, I can understand americans caring but their opinions are pretty much worthless on everything anyway. For the rest of us, we can't affect the vote, we don't have to directly live with the outcome so why all the noise. If people really cared about US foreign policy and how it affects Europe they would be voting for stronger EU institutions, economy and defenses instead of whining about Bush. US politics is a reflection of the character of the US people and not some anomoly. They get a dim witted, fundamentalist war mongering cowboy as President because a majority of the people voting are dim witted/religous fundemantalist/gun carrying/cowboys. Arrgh!

By the same democratic logic, the French tend to get arrogant womanising presidents, the Germans dull, well fed economically obsessed chancellors and the british get Tony Blair.

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Oct. 30th, 2004 03:40 pm Hallowe'en Party

It doesn't feel like Samhain though - something missing and I don't know what.
I hope I cheer up[ before tha party. As it is I always feel I'm holding Ska back from partying at these things.

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Oct. 29th, 2004 12:01 pm second post

...like 2nd albums this seems to be the difficult one. I've been browsing and found loads of accounts with just one post and a date in the distant past. I am pursuing two divergent agendas online. I'm looking for people around Glasgow (not necessarily Glaswegians, and I figure here is a good place because it requires 'computer literacy' to post and both of those words are a mystery to the average weegie/ned) with common interests. My other darker agenda is to dredge up erotic ideas for myself and my partner.

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Oct. 28th, 2004 01:08 pm OK, first day - be nice

I've read other peoples live journals, thought I'd play myself. I haven't figured out all the customisations yet and I definitely don't have anything to say about my day since I haven't left the flat

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